European Blockchain Services Infrastructure Bulgaria

Together, we’re building the foundations for a truly digital Europe by using the latest blockchain principles to build solutions that are trustworthy, efficient, and effective. 

What is EBSI?

The European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI) is a joint initiative between all EU member states, Norway, and Lichtenstein
Since 2020, EBSI partners have created a network of distributed nodes across Europe, producing an environment where distinct use cases can be explored and improved over time.

EBSI Bulgaria Mission

EBSI Bulgaria comprises a diverse group of Bulgarian experts in blockchain development, marketing, and project management.
Bulgarian partners contribute to the European network through their own local node, with particular focus on researching the European Self-Sovereign Identity Framework (ESSIF) and the Document Traceability use cases.

EBSI Bulgaria Partners

Technology consulting and development firm with a focus on distributed ledger technology, smart legal contracts, app development, and UX design.
Focused on public and private blockchain development and smart contract development.
Provides technical expertise and know-how in the development of blockchain-based solutions.
A new spin-off company of Junior Achievement Bulgaria that aims to fill in the gap between innovative, high-tech academic research and its commercialisation worldwide.